Stadium Features


Boasting a broad space, the area surrounding the National Stadium of Sports Affairs Council was designed as a green-landscaping park in order to relieve the anticipated traffic congestion accompanying diverse activities after inauguration, meet the requirements of emergency evacuation, and improve the environment with well-conserved ecological systems. With the landscaping integrated with the National Stadium, even when there are no events being held, citizens coming here will also be attracted by the natural environment and the beauty of the stadium building.


Conventional stadiums are designed according to the concept of concentric circles, and events are held in enclosed space. The National Stadium is an architectural structure with the entrance facing south; such open space planning for stadiums is rare worldwide and conveys a cordial feeling in warmly welcoming all visitors. Also thanks to its openness, the stadium is harmoniously integrated within its encircling environment.


The spiral continuum is a rarity among the finished architectural cases worldwide. Generally, square or circular architectural structures can better ensure balance and firmness, so the design employed in most architecture is rather confined. Though seldom used in constructions, the spiral continuum is quite common in nature, such as the spiral patterns of shells that record their growth. Nowadays, advances in computing technology have made it possible to design complex structures and the spiral continuum accordingly could be constructed. The main stadium is formed with a three-dimensional curved surface, perfectly linking the overall space and the building structure, as well as conveying the vibrancy characterizing the stadium.


No.100, Shiyun Blvd., Zuoying Dist., Kaohsiung City 813, Taiwan (R.O.C.)